Satellite Sites

STAR4D began setting up satellite sites as a way to allow large facilities to maintain their own STAR4D training courses without needing to send all painters to Iowa for training. Each satellite site is expected to maintain the STAR4D equipment required to perform training and uphold the quality and excellence of the STAR4D training program.

The option to become a satellite site is available to facilities with more than 20 spray technicians on staff. A chosen individual from the facility attends STAR4D training to become a certified instructor. Once equipment and curriculum is set up, the site is able to conduct STAR4D certification in their own facility, on their own time. 

STAR4D currently has eight satellite sites at various military bases, however a facility does not have to be military to become a satellite site. The satellite sites train spray technicians from their facility, and do not train outside technicians.

If your facility has less than 20 painters, please look in to sending them to the Cedar Falls facility for certification.


Current STAR4D Satellite Sites