Certified Training

2017 STAR4D Training Guide

Why Training?

Training in any field is important. Training improves productivity and quality while reducing material consumption and environmental aspects. STAR4D training focuses on the aspects spray technicians need to know in order to accomplish these tasks. 

STAR4D certified painter training is a 3-day course for spray technicians. Painter training is broken down into three processes: classroom, hands-on application in the booth, and virtual training using the VirtualPaint. 

STAR4D focuses on comprehensive knowledge of the entire painting process and improving spray techniques. With proper training, painters are able to reduce the amount of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the environment, the amount of paint wasted during application, and the time spent in the paint booth. Being able to correctly apply coating also reduces the time and effort of completing rework and improves corrosion protection.

STAR4D offers two certification courses: Aerospace Technician which focuses on aerospace coatings and Coatings Technician which focuses on CARC.


Benefits of STAR4D Certified Painter Training
  • Knowledge of proper set up and clean up of equipment
  • Understand the importance of mixing coatings correctly
  • Improve spray technique
  • Ensure corrosion prevention
  • Use of virtual reality training on the VirtualPaint simulator


The Training Facility 

STAR4D training takes place at the 16,000 square foot facility located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The facility is large enough for a vehicle as large as a HUMVEE to move through blasting, coating, and curing process. See The Facility for more.