Connect with our Painter Training Page on LinkedIn

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center, home of STAR4D, is expanding its online resources through a new LinkedIn Painter Training Showcase page.

Connect with IWRC on LinkedIn Now, industry experts and individuals have the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest IWRC painter training events, news and information on LinkedIn including general painter training, VirtualPaint and STAR4D. The IWRC knows that a workforce of trained painters can improve productivity, reduce rework and defects, decrease air emissions and hazardous waste generation, and even meet and exceed regulatory compliance.

For over 20 years, the IWRC's painter training programs have helped businesses, industries and military bases achieve these results through training, curriculum development, research and production efficiency assessments.

On our LinkedIn showcase page you will find updates on our upcoming events, news on the multiple painter training programs and information to help improve your painting and coating operations. Connect with us on this social site and leave us a response, share our content and make it your online resource for everything painter training.

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